Farewell to stone age morality
When the sun went out
Apocalypse no!
Do we need a second planet?
The adventurous life of Adam Dreyling
The strange survival of neoliberalism
The end of normality
The global disaster
The Moses riddle
The enigma of the Danube civilization
The SK principle
The hatred of the west
The oldest city in America
The serpent in the firmament
The Templars
The world maps of the ancient seafarers
Honorary salvation for a misunderstood king?
An uncomfortable truth
A refined privatizer
Gaia's revenge
In the light of truth
Smart cells
Errors in the history of the earth
Casino capitalism
No trumpets before Jericho
War of religions
Light from the East
Newton's suitcase
Shaman women in Korea
Showdown" by Dirk Müller
Deadly business
Origins of ancient Israel
From the memory of water
From the original patriarchy to a global crash?
 About the discovery of God on the edge of the universe
If the elephant falls over, it can't get up again
What the bleep do we (k)now?
Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott
Too many people?
Between earth and sky
1421 - When China discovered the world

The Wizard of Cobenzl
The Atlantis saga part I - IV
The message of water
The dark side of the Enlightenment Part 1 - 6
Mesmer's magical magnetism
Fateful year 2000
On the meaning of symbols

The Peace of Nikolsburg: Bismarck's Greatest Achievement?
The Sputnik Shock
The first circumnavigation of the earth 500 years ago
The modern era still begins
The world description of the bold Kant
A world historic day
Law of the jungle or God's plan?
More than the inventor of the lightning rod
World Population Day on 11. 7. 2006
500 years of Reformation

China Part I - III
The last Hindu kingdom
That was the wild west part 1 - 7
The First World War
The violent person - "victim" of his development?
The emperor behind the plow
The fourth rider
The second World War
The big crisis
The epoch of the Second Empire
The most powerful invention in world history
The romantic longing of the Germans
The great catastrophe of the 20th century
A German doom
Japan I - III
From the beginning of our time
From the land of the morning silence
Weimar did not have to fail

When diseases made history
The secret of the portolane
The Great Xhosa Cattle Die-off
The Zong Massacre
The real Robinson
The hatred of symbols
The special culture of the Walser
Honorary salvation for a soil pest
A master of the bizarre
Early years of a genius
Gods and oracles - an "old hat"?
Enigmatic gold maker
Legendary warrior women
Was Marco Polo really in China?
If the authorities say that two and five equal eight, you must believe them.
Do the Indians count as human beings?

Get out of the loop
The diesel dilemma
The battle for the blue elixir of life
The economic aspects of climate change
A devastating footprint
Early warnings of humus degradation and soil loss.
Are the "apocalyptic" horsemen coming?
Subdue the earth
Goodbye plow
Why we stumble into the population trap
What apocalypse is coming?
How much we overload our earth
How many slaves do you have working for you?
How many people can the earth take?
Where are the bees?

On the paths of the enlightened one
Threat from religious fundamentalism
The fire of Christianity
The Mystery of Mary Magdalene
The legacy of Confucius
The view over the threshold
The chalice of Christ and the search for the Grail
The first monotheist
The historical Jesus and the Christ of faith
The cult of the great mother
Modern Atheism
Modern fundamentalism
The enigmatic sage
The temple in Jerusalem
The devil, that's just folklore
The apocalypse as hope
The apocalypses in the 21st century
The Ark of the Covenant
The Christian mission - a failed utopia
The first steps in the Otherworld
The Pope Joan
The Religion of the North American Indians
The search for paradise
The early Christian communities
A new major religion
A wise advice of the Bible
Thoughts on the most momentous of all books
Is there god
Hexentanzplatz in the mountains
Philon of Alexandria and the Search for Meaning
Predestination and freedom
The professors' dispute over Qumran
Prophetissa Teutonica
Trip to the snake festival
Better to abolish religions?
Religions of Antiquity I - X
Religion and power
Relentless fight for the "basic truths
From the origin of religions
Why does God allow all of this?
Was Jesus omniscient?
Who still believes in hell today?
How and why did religious cults and rituals come about?
Why any other religions?
The spread of Christianity

Farewell to the (social) market economy?
Everything is possible
Work to survive
Do we need the eco-dictatorship?
The dilemma with interest rates
The end of the articles of association
The globalization hoax
The start of the 21st century
The equity gap
The intelligence ticks left
The new elite for new wars
The Vietnam Effect Thing
A proud people reaches for world power
A totally crazy experiment
Awakening from a restless night
Everything was better in the past
Globalization of immorality
Hungry, efficient, willing to take risks ...
Carthage - the first capitalist state?
Mission statements put to the test
Made in Germany - an obituary
More, more and more, more ...
Never work anymore?
Around the moose test
Review and outlook at a crucial time
What kind of social system do we want? - A utopia
Economy instead of humanity
Economic crisis and world conspiracy
Where is the hope for the world's poor?

Bible versus Darwin in America
Darwin and Evolution Part 1 - 7
Death from space
The passage of Venus
The big bang as proof of God
The search for extraterrestrial life
An impact in the year 2039?
A constructed universe?
Energy, entropy and time
Violence from heaven
Will the end of the world come on Friday, April 13, 2029?
Life on mars
World Riddles and Natural Wonders Part I - VII.