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From the memory of water

"... Because wherever your sense of beauty cannot vibrate happily, the strictly conditioned harmony according to the law of creation is not there as it should be. And where there is no harmony, there is no beauty either. "Abd-ru-shin (3-19-007)

In GrailWelt 19/2001, Masaru Emoto's book “The Message from Water” was also reported under the heading “The fascinating element of life”.

Emoto stayed in Germany for a short time, and the GralsWelt editorial team had the opportunity to attend one of his much-noticed lectures, in which the researcher presented and explained his photos of ice crystals. Based on his series of observations, Masuru Emoto assumes that conclusions can be drawn about the water quality due to the beauty of the crystal structures.

These structures do not only depend on physically or chemically verifiable properties, but they also apparently form finer "vibrations" such as electrosmog and in this way probably even store transcendent information.

This is how the water crystals can, according to Mr. Emoto "Also reproduce qualities that the water, mittels thoughts and sensations, were previously consciously supplied. In Emoto's view, these ice crystal images not only provide an explanation for the effectiveness of homeopathy, but also open up new ways in which the effect can be found 'Fone of the influences' can be made clear. "
According to his research, the aesthetics of forms is more than just an expression of concepts of art that change over time. In his crystal pictures, what appeared "beautiful" and "harmonious" was also life-promoting and health-giving (unless pollution otherwise pollutes the water, which is why Emoto mostly experiments with water in its distilled form).

The aesthetic phenomenon showed itself equally and regardless of whether the appealing ice crystals came from naturally clean, "living" water, or whether the water benefited from good thoughts, noble music or religious rituals, or were impressed as information . What people have always known, which all religions have been teaching for a long time, could be shown for the first time visibly for everyone with the medium of water: the effect of good will!
It will be interesting to see how Masaru Emoto's research will develop and to what extent he succeeds in getting skeptical scientists interested in the future-oriented value of his work and in winning their collaboration for his research.

Grail World 19/2001.
Further information from “WISE Crystal”, non-profit association, Postfach 1171, CH-8021 Zurich (, Tel. (+41) 071/223 16 68, FAX (+41) 071/223 34 72. There you can also have water tested.