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by Volker Freystedt and Eric Bihl, Signum, Vienna, 2005.

(Published in GralsWelt 53/2009)

The term "equilibrism" is defined in the mentioned book as follows:

"Equilibrism (from Latin" aequilibrium ", equilibrium) aims to (re) establish a balance between natural and cultural space, especially between ecology and economy." (P. 12)

The same goal is meant that was occasionally called "ecological balancing economy" in the Grail World.

In the first part of the book, the ecological, economic, financial and economic-political problems of our time are listed in an interesting way, succinctly and concisely and supported with valuable data. It is also mentioned that globalization is not a natural event, but a development wanted by people.

Solutions are offered in the second part of the book.

The suggestions for this are mostly already known. In any case, it is worth reading the clear summary of the important data and facts, as you will not find them again immediately. For many readers, at least some of the suggestions may be new. For example, the hot topic of "money" is rarely addressed in public discussion. The necessary grappling with the weaknesses of our monetary system is left to outsiders.

The world as a networked system

The particular importance of equilibrism is that it always tries to take a look at the whole and recognizes isolated solutions as not expedient. So far, conservationists, environmental activists, anti-globalization opponents, industry critics, trade unionists, ecologists, economists, etc. have pursued individual solutions or isolated goals independently of one another, sometimes against one another, which were often incompatible with one another. In the best case scenario, partial successes are possible on such paths. It is now high time to create an overall concept that includes all essential aspects, both those of nature and those of human activity; carried by the awareness that man depends on nature. His quality of life and his chances of survival must decrease to the extent that natural cycles are damaged or the natural diversity of living things is impaired.

Reading the book “Equilibrism” is highly recommended for everyone who wants to be informed and is willing to stand up for a better world in thoughts, words and deeds.