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An uncomfortable truth

(Published in GralsWelt 42/2007)

The most successful documentary of all time has recently been shown in Germany (and many other countries): An Inconvenient Truth. The topic is “global warming” and the consequences that it will have to deal with. The updated scientific data and statements in images and sound get to the heart of the matter.

Here are three quick quotes:
"It's hard to get someone to understand something when they're paid not to understand."
"It's a moral problem."
"God will destroy those who destroy his creation." 

The author of the film is Al Gore (born 1948), a well-known American politician. He was Vice President under Bill Clinton for 8 years. In the presidential elections on November 2, 2000, he ran for the office of President and got the most votes. Because of the antiquated American electoral process (it dates back to a time when the fastest communication link - apart from carrier pigeons - was a mounted messenger), and probably also because of election fraud, he was ousted by George W. Bush. This election result is a disaster for the United States and far beyond.

Al Gore became known as an ecologist in Germany as early as 1992 through his book "Ways to Balance", Frankfurt 1992 ("Earth in Balance"). His failure in the presidential elections spurred him on to deal even more intensively with ecological issues, and in the thousands of slide shows he gave in the United States and many other countries around the world to point to an unprecedented global warming.
From these lectures the very worth seeing documentary film emerged, which shows the serious facts and appeals to everyone - voters as well as responsible persons - to finally act in order to mitigate the expected apocalyptic consequences! Everyone should confront this movie.
There is also a non-fiction book of the same title on the film (ISBN 3-57050078-0, EUR 19.95).

Addendum 2010:
According to “” the film contains some inaccuracies and in some places goes beyond the scientific consensus.
Addendum 2020: 
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