Book and film reviews

The Templars

(Published in GralsWelt 45/2007)

from Barber Malcolm, Artemis & Winkler, Düsseldorf 2005.

We have mentioned the Knights Templar several times in the Grail World.
Many books and writings - historically correct, esoteric, fantastic, romantic - deal with the history and myth of the Templars, about whose work and fall many legends are entwined.

A new work on this topic has recently been published: Malcolm Barber, a British historian, describes the history of this knightly order and its downfall on over 300 printed pages. As a historian, Barber is not preoccupied with speculation; in his eyes the many Templar legends are little more than interesting inventions. So if you are expecting sensational revelations, you'd better go for another book. In return, Malcom Barber offers serious, rather sober but interesting historiography, which everyone should know who is more seriously interested in the Templars and their legendary fall.

You can also read about this under “In a nutshell, curious” on page 143 “The annihilation of the Templars”.