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In the light of truth

Grail Message from Abd-ru-shin

Verlag der Stiftung Gralsbotschaft Stuttgart,

“In the Light of Truth” is one of the most demanding of all book titles imaginable.
But this work lives up to the highest expectations - provided one delves into it without prejudice.

“What is truth?” Asked the philosophically educated Roman prefect Pontius Pilate in the year 30 the accused Jesus.

This was silent.

He, the Son of God, came from the truth, from the glory of God, whom he was allowed to call "my Father".
He came to earth to show us humans the way from which we had strayed far: the way into luminous realms, which religions call "paradise".

Now he, the messenger of God, was accused of "blasphemy". Disgust and disgust for humanity, which he had come to earth to save, rose up in him and closed his lips. The people were no longer worthy of a word from the Son of God.

He was silent…

Almost two millennia later, the very old question "What is truth?" is finally answered by a messenger of light:

“Truth is that which cannot be changed forever! That never changes in its form, but is as it was forever and will always be as it is now. Therefore, progress can never be subjected to, because it was perfect from the beginning. Truth is In fact, she is ! Being alone is real life. The whole universe is in this truth ! "[i]

Truth as such lives only in God. It is also contained in the emanations of God, from which the creation originated and is maintained. Truth also includes the eternal laws within the framework of which everything created moves and is allowed to develop, earthly as well as spiritually.

We research the coarsest and densest, the earthly part of these laws within the framework of the natural sciences and are fascinated by them.
But in the enthusiasm about the universal validity of these laws of nature in the visible universe, we overlook that corresponding laws also regulate the happening in the planes hidden to our eyes. These "spiritual" laws determine life, our "destiny", our future - in this world as well as in the hereafter....

Whoever does not want to remain "blind", but wants to become "seeing", needs the knowledge of these superordinate regularities, in order to find the right, the upward leading way in the creation of God.

By deepening in the Grail Message, one gradually becomes aware of these higher laws and can experience them inwardly.
One also recognizes that the truth as such is eternal and unchangeable. However, our personal, limited and incomplete Understanding the truth is subject to a development process that dogmatic guidelines must not hinder.

Lastly, in the message from the Holy Grail, the serious seeker who receives this word of truth within himself is given a special gift:
A glimpse of the sublime greatness and infinite wisdom of our living God. In a unique image of God, such as the Grail Message of Abd-ru-shin alone can convey.

Final grade:
Abd-ru-shin “Answering questions”, p. 112. Publishing house of the Grail Message Foundation, Stuttgart.