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What the bleep do we (k)now?

Published in GralsWelt46 / 2007

Science and esotericism are mostly alien to one another. Scientists often see esotericism as a relic from superstitious times. Esotericists especially accuse natural scientists of a one-sided materialistic vision. Only in exceptional cases is one prepared to see esotericism and science as two fundamentally different, but equally justified ways of explaining the world; two approaches that seem to meet recently in quantum mechanics, and which, despite all (apparent?) contradictions, work better together than should mutually devalue one another.

"The real trick in life is not to know, but to become aware of the mysterious"
Prof. William Teller

For some time now, an interesting and successful documentary on this subject has been running in selected cinemas, which is also available on DVD. More than 250,000 viewers saw it in German-speaking countries alone.

The title "What the bleep do we (k) now?" needs the following explanation for the non-English speaking viewer: In American and English radio and television, unwords and swear words are omitted and replaced by a bleep. So in German one should translate:  "What the ... do we actually know?" The play on words with know - know - and now - now - would also go under.

An interdisciplinary show

The film brings scenes and interviews to questions of life like Knowledge - wisdom - spirituality. He lets scientists have their say as well as spiritual teachers. With the help of quantum physics it is shown that all knowledge is uncertain and no one can claim the To know truth. Accordingly, we live in a time in which new insights convey an expanded, greatly changed picture of a world in which nothing seems certain.

The film wants to animate ours own Finding a point of view in and to the world and correcting prejudices in the same way as appreciating one's own perception. Again and again we learn how our supposed knowledge is relative and how spiritual knowledge and quantum physics seem to meet.

Whoever gets involved in the film embarks on an exciting "journey into the interior of the mystery", which he will think about for a long time, even if he does not make friends with all the statements of the authorities that have their say in the film.

The DVD "What the bleep do we (k) now?" "Horinzon Film Distribution" (running time 108 minutes) is available in bookshops for EUR 19.90.

If you want to go deeper should the "Institut Of Noetic Sciences" (IONS, published Study Guide with the same title in German (EUR 8.50). It contains a list of topics, additional statements, many references and e-mail addresses for further information.

There is also a cassette with 3 DVDs which, in addition to the film, also contains two DVDs with interviews with the directors and the main actors, information about the background, etc. (running time over 4 hours).