Violence from heaven

(Published in GralsWelt 36/2005)

In the Grail World we have spoken several times about the fact that the earth is threatened by collisions with celestial bodies. The Tunguska event is known from the 20th century, but fortunately it took place so far from inhabited areas that no human casualties are known in this context. It has now been proven for the first time that there was still an impact in historical times that probably influenced historical processes.

The Chiemgau impact
At the end of 2004 it was published that a planetoid or comet hit the Chiemgau (Upper Bavaria) a few millennia ago and devastated an area of more than 1,000 km² in the Altötting / Traustein area. Within an ellipse with an axis length of 58 or 27 km, 80 craters between 3 m and 500 m in diameter can be detected on the earth's surface.

The firelight from the celestial body exploded in the atmosphere must have been seen in large parts of Europe; even at a considerable distance the earth trembled and tremendous thunder shook the air. The fertile stretch of land between the Chiemsee and Salzach was certainly inhabited back then, and it is very likely that people were harmed.

The exact date of the disaster is being discussed. According to Spiegel, geological findings indicate a time frame between 9,000 BC. BC to AD 1,000 (4). Other scholars assume a period between the 5th century BC and the 9th century AD (2).

We ask, can historical events help to specify the point in time? An assumption made by Heribert Illig (1) seems plausible. Assumes, with a fair degree of certainty at least after 400 BC. Chr.

The following is remarkable: When the Romans 15 BC. In the northern foothills of the Alps as far as the Danube, they found fertile, but largely uninhabited land. Also strange: the great Celtic oppidum of Manching was also abandoned for unknown reasons in the first century BC.
Did the nature-loving Celts take an incomprehensible and terrifying heavenly event as an opportunity to leave the country?

Whatever the outcome of the discussions about the impact date: Besides the Tunguska impact, a second impact of a celestial body in historical times is proven, which probably caused terrible devastation in Celtic settlements and changed historical processes. 2.

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(1) Zeitensprünge issue 3/2004 p. 548 f., Mantis-Verlag, Graefelfing.